The Centre for Time was established in 2002, supported by the Australian Research Council and the University of Sydney, in conjunction with a Federation Fellowship awarded to Professor Huw Price. Since 2010 the Centre for Time has been part of the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science. In 2012 the directors of the Centre were awarded a John Templeton grant, which, in conjunction with the support of the University of Sydney, brought several postdoctoral fellowships, conferences, and a grant-funding programme.

The Centre now has strengths in three main areas:

  • The philosophy and foundations of physics, where we collaborate with researchers in HPS and Physics within the University of Sydney, and with national and international partners including the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada, and the Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen.
  • Metaphysics and the philosophy of time, where we collaborate with international partners at Cambridge University and the University of California.
  • The psychology and the philosophy of temporal phenomenology, where we collaborate with researchers in Psychology within the University of Sydney and we collaborate with international partners at the University of California and The City College of New York.

We welcome visitors interested in any of these topics, and can in some cases offer funding for travel and other expenses.