Templeton project completed

Our Templeton-funded “New Agendas for the Study of Time: Connecting the Disciplines” has recently completed.

We organised 5 international conferences (2 more than originally planned) and produced more than 50 time-related research papers, plus a few edited books.

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Retrocausality Conference

The conference Free Will and Retrocausality in a Quantum World will take place at the Trinity College, University of Cambridge on July 1-4 2014. Details of the conference are provided here

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Causation, Time Symmetry and Russell’s Directionality Argument

[pdf of this article]

In a recent publication for the project (links: published version; preprint) Matt Farr (Centre for Time, Sydney) and Alexander Reutlinger (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy) assess whether the time symmetry of physical theories excludes causation from the picture of the world given by fundamental physics.

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Conference talks online

Videos of talks from the first conference of the project are now online. Our keynote speaker was Carlo Rovelli – his talk can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tp1ENn4imp8&w=420&h=315

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Making Sense of Time

The original media release for the project can be found here: Making Sense of Time

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